3 Simple Changes To Improve Your Cooking

3 simple changes to improve your cooking

3 simple changes to improve your cooking

Hey girl! I’ve been thinking about you lately and wondering if you’ve ever wanted to improve your cooking. No shade, because I always think of ways I can be a better cook. And if you’re rolling your eyes thinking I better be lucky you even get into the kitchen, the information I’m about to drop is definitely for you!

And although you might not be on the mission to be the best cook, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t want to improve your cooking. Improving your cooking means more time because you begin to cook faster. It also means you will find more joy in it because you have now mastered it to some degree and no longer want to throw the food across the kitchen because it didn’t come out right. Improving your cooking is necessary and I’m sharing 3 simple changes you can make RIGHT NOW to do just that!

1st Change: Ask For Help!

Yeah, I put an exclamation point because I need you to hear this loud and clear. Asking for help is not a sign of incompetence or weakness, it’s actually a sign of a smart individual. I know as moms, we want to do it all and think asking for help will only get in the way. Trust me, I’m a control freak so I know. Which is a story for another day.

But honestly, asking for help only allows you to do more in a smaller amount of time. If you do everything yourself, you actually use up more time getting it done and I know your goal is to be in and out of the kitchen in no time. So ask for help. Start small like asking your man or your kids to hand you things out the fridge or measure ingredients for you. Then once you feel okay with this, progress to having them actually cook a certain meal or side dish. I promise you will start to notice a difference in your cooking because you will now not be so stressed or pressured to do it all yourself. Having help is major because it allows you to loosen the reigns and believe it or not, this definitely improves your cooking.

2nd Change: Make it Fun

This is something you will hear me say so many times because it can truly make or break your cooking. Think about this for a second…how would you feel if you went into a restaurant and saw the chef cooking was uptight and straight faced while preparing your meal? You would probably think twice about wanting to eat the food. Like my mother always says, you have to cook with love because food made without love will show. It will show in presentation and in taste! So how do you cook with love? By having fun. So make cooking fun. Listen to music or a podcast, have a glass of wine, or chat it up with your bestie while you cook. Don’t be the uptight cook, loosen up a bit, make it fun, and watch your cooking improve!

3rd Change: Meal Plan

I honestly should have put this first, because it is just that important for improving your cooking. Meal planning and being prepared for your week is an easy way to make your cooking better. Why? Because by knowing in advance what you will be feeding yourself and your fam, you can anticipate what it will involve and won’t feel rushed to decide what to cook and avoid feeling pressured to cook it within a certain amount of time. Being prepared has shown to improve your life, so applying this concept by meal planning will only help to improve your cooking. So be sure to add meal planning to your weekly to do list for now on! And if you need more info on meal planning to help you get starting, check out my post on meal planning 101.

These are small changes that can make a big change to your cooking. And hopefully you will start to incorporate them. Let’s start now, here’s a challenge for you. This week include all of these changes in your cooking. Be sure to create a meal plan, ask your family to help with one thing, and do something fun while you cook! And if you need a meal plan to start you off, grab this free 1 week meal plan to begin to improve your cooking!



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